Route 322
Brookville, PA
(814) 849 - 5588



Welcome to the Moonlite Drive-In.

Located on US-322 just west of Brookville, Pennsylvania, we are in our 71st year of operation - since 1952!

The Moonlite is currently CLOSED for the season. Do not forget our free Christmas show on Nov 26th!.

Please check the "Now Showing" page for details.


Car Load: $20.00

For your convenience, the Moonlite now accepts VISA and MASTERCARD at the ticket booth and concession stand!

Now Showing

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Movie Sound

We no longer supply in-house speakers. The drive-in now hosts its own FM radio station.  It is necessary to use either your FM car radio or other portable radio to listen to the movie.  When using your car radio make sure your ignition is in the accessory position.  This will not drain or damage your cars battery. Tune your radio to 106.9 at the Moonlite!

House Rules

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